Mastering the business side of Coaching: Coaching for Coaches.

Are you a self-employed coach with several years of practizing? Or are just starting your own business as a coach? Would you like your high professional quality and the extensive added value your work generates to be reflected in your income?

Or in other words: do you want to (finally) earn adequate money with coaching?

Many freelance coaches are excellently trained, offer excellent services and invest a lot of time in their business.

Financially, however, they perform disappointingly.

If you subtract the professional costs and such things as health insurance from the fee revenue, the annual gross income or the average total hourly rate – including the time for all the many non-billable activities such as networking, contact management, administration, creating postings, paying invoices, etc. – is often an amount that is out of proportion to the effort as well as the personal commitment.

Much less does it represent the enormous added value for clients that the support of a professional coach can mean.

A first reason for this deplorable state of affairs is that virtually all coaches have received no training whatsoever in the entrepreneurial aspects of their work.

This is already evident in typical terms, such as the frequent question on Google about what a self-employed coach earns as a salary.

Answer: There is no salary at all, because as a self-employed person you are not employed anywhere. Instead, you live off your profit (which you have to pay tax on at the end, of course).

Also questions like "How can I find clients for my coaching?", "How can I become known as a coach?" or "How does advertising (or marketing) for coaching work?" are entered many times a day into the search window of Google for a certain reason.

Most coaches also lack any entrepreneurial mindset from the inside. Which is first of all completely normal – a simple reflection of a society that in most countries in the world is mentally shaped by an employee perspective.

The truth is: Also you as a self-employed Coach are an entrepreneur in many respects. Which is, in a way, a second job that you also have to fill appropriately in parallel to your professional activity – coaching clients – if you want to be monetarily successful.

From my point of view, the first decisive threshold is an anual fee turnover of an equivalent of 100,000 euros/CHF/GBP/US-Dollars in Europe/USA, above which a full-time business as a coach is beginning to be taken seriously also from a financial point of view – whereby classical one-on-one coaching from person to person is deliberately always meant here (which of course in no way excludes a parallel or later creation and sale of digital products such as online courses).

As a coach, I will accompany you in an equally goal-oriented and individual way to get at least a good deal closer to the threshold of a six-figure fee revenue – or possibly even to cross it within a short time.

We will do this deliberately without any fixed "success formulas", templates or schemes, but in the form of professional coaching, precisely tailored to your situation and personality.

Because also in the financial success of your coaching business, everything always starts first with your inner self, your personality and your existing environment.

While things like postings, funnels, newsletters, ads on Facebook and LinkedIn, engaging consultants and agencies etc. follow in the second step.

For your coaching with me, this means, among other things, intensive self-reflection, with which you transform, for example, obstructive beliefs into powerful helpful truths or work out decisive levers for concrete external action.

At the same time, you will benefit from my own extensive experience from more than ten years of building up and establishing a successful existence as a self-employed full-time (!) coach, which will add even more value to your cooperation with me.

Especially against this background, your coaching can also be about topics like:

  • Becoming known as a coach (as in my case, for example, also through an own book)
  • (Cold) calls to find customers and clients (including researching suitable contacts, for example in companies)
  • Appearance towards HR managers (if your target group is companies)
  • What is important for your coach website

Added to this is my general entrepreneurial experience from my time as a founder and entrepreneur – in my twenties and thirties I was the founder and owner of a communications agency. A wealth of experience that additionally enriches my coaching in a way that is rather rare.

Last but not least, as a coach who gets him-/herself a coach, you live a quality that, in my view, should be a matter of course for every professional coach: to continuously invest intensively in your own personal development.

And thus exemplify exactly what we demand from our clients.

Coaching sessions are conducted via video call (Zoom). Face-to-face sessions take place at my own premises based in Munich/Germany (Bogenhausen-Arabellapark, approx. 30 min by car from Munich Airport or 13 min by underground from Munich Main Train Station, next hotel nearby "The Westin Grand Munich" in 5 min walking distance).

When is a Coaching for Coaches with me suitable?

  • You seriously aim at coaching as a freelance and adequately remunerated full-time activity

  • You want to invest specifically in the financial success of your coaching business

  • You want to reach the next respectable level in a timely manner

  • You want to work out concrete and directly applicable levers in the outside world

  • You want to grow noticeably in your personality as a coach

  • You consciously prefer a "real"/self-practicing business coach as a companion


    • Completed, high-quality coaching training

    • Professional understanding of coaching (including clear differentiation from classic consulting)

    • Extensive and varied professional and life experience

Next Steps

If you feel this is for you, and you are interested in coach-the-coaching with me, then the next steps to us creating an agreement are:

1. Introductory Video Call

First exchange about your dreams, vision and also concerns. (approx. 30 minutes / No Charge)

2. Trial Coaching Session

If from our introductory call I believe that you meet the above criteria and that I can help you then I’ll invite you to an intensive introduction to my coaching approach (by Zoom video call or in person at my office in Munich/Germany).

In this conversation we’ll establish the main goal for your coaching as well as sub-goals behind the main goal. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the work to be done, and initial insights that will feel like you’ve made a noticeable step forwards.

There is no charge for this initial coaching session – it is my investment in you.

At the end, if appropriate, we may discuss how we could work together longer term.

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