Coaching exclusively for entrepreneurs: Multiplying your leverage.

As a business founder and entrepreneur myself, I know from my own experience that especially for entrepreneurs, a professional coach at your side can make a huge difference. In the face of strong challenges and an ever changing environment, having a coach you can trust can be the difference that makes even all the difference!

With an experienced entrepreneurial coach at your side, you can pull out those few more all-important stops, that allow you to take that big step forward whilst growing your entrepreneurial acumen.

As your sparring partner, I will work with you on key levers that will move both you as a person and your company, forward in a targeted and measurable way.

These will include concrete results, from the very first session delivered in a way that challenges you as well as touches, moves and inspires you.

Your coaching will be a transformational journey delivered over a period of time that allows for the right momentum to unfold.

I also will be supporting you in implementing newly acquired levers, perspectives and insights. You will gain new experiences on the inside and see results on the outside that will enable you to see clearly the massive return on your investment in coaching.

In addition, entrepreneurs like yourself appreciate the question-led approach that characterises "real" coaching, as I offer it. This clearly distinguishes this type of support from classic consulting or entrepreneurial training.

Because often enough it is not about getting answers from others.

Instead, it's about being asked powerful questions.

Questions that open up your own "inner solution know-how" and your own personal lever.

Questions that make you recognise, from within yourself, which inner parts and strengths you need to bring more to the forefront moving forwards.

Questions with which you simply discover possibilities, previously undreamed of, and goals that were previously closed to you.

Questions that you are likely to have never been asked before in your entire life.

These questions will ensure insights that are in alignment with you as an individual and as an entrepreneur, and as such you’ll be motivated to implement them with more energy and in a completely different way to previously.

All of this is based on a process that is both person-centric and solution-oriented, and at the same time provides enough space and flexibility to always address exactly what is most important to you in the moment.

What also might be of interest to you: In my twenties and thirties, I was the founder and managing director of a communications agency that was in Germany a nationwide leader in its segment. This means that I’m one of the few coaches that has the rare combination of professional and diverse training backed up by many years of entrepreneurial experience.

My related wealth of experience spans almost 15 years – from the founding and start-up phase to reaching a respectable altitude (including numerous successes as well as various challenges and lows) to the exit and sale of my shares.

In my coaching, this experience means that I understand the many specifics of your situation as an entrepreneur. In particular my background means that I am also familiar with the dynamics of running a business with a business partner, as was the case in my own company. On that basis, I also regularly coach managing director duos.

Coaching sessions are conducted via video call (Zoom). Face-to-face sessions take place at my own premises based in Munich/Germany (Bogenhausen-Arabellapark, approx. 30 min by car from Munich Airport or 13 min by underground from Munich Main Train Station, next hotel nearby "The Westin Grand Munich" in 5 min walking distance).

As an entrepreneur coaching with me is suitable if you:

  • want to realise an ambitious dream or vision of high value
  • want to invest in the success of your company, as well as in the growth of your entrepreneurial personality

  • want to be accompanied by a coach over a long period of time

  • want to work on concrete levers, approaches and solutions on a regular basis, which you can apply directly in your day-to-day business

  • want a high return on your coaching investment both in the short and long term and at various levels

  • prefer a business coach with an entrepreneurial background


  • your business has at least 1 million USD/Euro annual turnover

  • you have a definite area in which you desire to change, or a vision with a felt/real potential added value of 7 figures or more

  • your are commitment to invest in yourself and your business, and to engage in 1-2 coaching sessions per month (video call or in person in Munich/Germany)

Next Steps

If you feel this is for you, and you are interested in entrepreneurial coaching with me, then the next steps to us creating an agreement are:

1. Introductory Video Call

First exchange about your dreams, vision and also concerns. (approx. 30 minutes / No Charge)

2. Trial Coaching Session

If from our introductory call I believe that you meet the above criteria and that I can help you then I’ll invite you to an intensive introduction to my coaching approach (by Zoom video call or in person at my office in Munich/Germany).

In this conversation we’ll establish the main goal for your coaching as well as sub-goals behind the main goal. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the work to be done, and initial insights that will feel like you’ve made a noticeable step forwards.

There is no charge for this initial coaching session – it is my investment in you.

At the end, if appropriate, we may discuss how we could work together longer term.

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